Catching up on the Basic B Stories (and by Basic B I mean Basic Bible) ;)

A few weeks ago, I found myself in the gospel of Mark, which is pretty unusual for me because I tend to float more towards Esther when I am just reading the Bible for the heck of it. This is obviously due to the fact she is actually a boss ass b. Fight me on that one. Anyways, I grew up avoiding church at all costs. I did not want to be associated with what I considered to be boring, unfunny, judgmental people. Because of this, when I was supposed to be at church learning about God per my dad’s requests, I would actually be driving to local smoothie and acai bowl restaurants and sipping those dranks and snacks instead. Ya, I was a holy mofo.

Long story short, I missed out on a lot of what is considered to be common knowledge to Christians. So when I started reading Mark 8:1-13, which is titled Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand, I was honestly blown away. Not even like a little hair caught on your chapstick blown away; I am talking full-force, Carrie Underwood soundtrack Blown Away people.

I live in Athens, which is a college town. Downtown Athens happens to be filled with numerous homeless individuals. If you know me, you know that for some unknown reason, homeless people really have a special place in my heart. Not kidding, if I just see a homeless person, there is a good chance I will start crying because it just breaks my heart. I’m a #weaksauce for real.

ANYWAYS, in this passage I was reading, the first thing that Jesus says to these people without food or anything at all before He performs this miracle is that He has compassion on them. He does not ask why they are in the position that they are in. He does not ask why they do not have jobs. He does not ask if they do drugs. He does not ask if they spent their money frivolously, and that is why they are in the position they are in. No. The first thing that my God does is have compassion on them. (My God is also a #boss).

I know it can be hard to simply have compassion, especially if you live in a place where common advice is quite the contrary… if it is that if you do not like the way your life is going, change it. I know because I have received that advice so often. It can be hard if everyone around you, yourself included, has never been in the situation as the one struggling. Heck, having compassion can be difficult for a number of reasons. But it can be done. Jesus has shown that it is not only possible, but it has happened. Having compassion as a reflex has happened.

Jesus is hinting at me (and by hinting at me I mean throwing a microwave at my head) through all of this passage to make compassion my reflex.

This really has quite literally nothing to do with the gym or anything like that, but it is a lot more important. Life is but a breath. Focus on things above. Focus on The Lord. But still do not forget to focus on the #gainz amirite ;).


5 thoughts on “Catching up on the Basic B Stories (and by Basic B I mean Basic Bible) ;)

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Hope,
    Jesus’ whole mission here on earth was about compassion – God so loved the World and all. He is such a great example.

    I would say that those Jesus feeds are the crowds that have gathered to follow Him and hear Him teach – no reason to think they were homeless or anything other than tired and out of food from being away from home. He also later leaves them when they want to try to make Him king. Jesus is always loving but He always is the one who defines what loving means – what is best for peeps and not necessarily what they want.

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    • Q3wL gurl! says:

      Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting! Your insight means a lot :). I totally see how what I wrote can be misinterpreted! What I should have addressed was that homelessness had been on my mind due to the fact i live where I do, and this passage reminded me of how I should act towards those without. I didn’t think that those He was addressing were homeless… just out of food, but it just reminded me of the situation I’m in. But, I definitely am not an expert in writing or the Bible, so I think this comment was much needed so that the (very) few who end up reading this are not misinformed. Lol :). Please feel free to comment on upcoming posts… I really do love hearing others’ thoughts, especially since I’m a newby to this whole Christianity thing!!

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      • Thomas says:

        Well welcome – we are glad you came:) Isn’t it mind blowing to think that heaven rejoiced upon our arrival!

        And yes, I got what you were saying and your points are good – He seeks out those who are the poorest and the most excluded in society – Jesus’ interactions with people are fascinating.

        I came to Jesus as an adult after never getting the basics as a kid too – it has been fun catching up.

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