Scrolling through my instagram realizing that a large group of teenage/mid-twenties girls I follow are selling macro plans and “coaching” with absolutely NO qualifications whatsoever (um no, working out/competing/liking fitness/etc is ABSOLUTELY NOT a qualification) to not only the general population, but they are targeting girls with EDs/disordered habits… I am APPALLED.

First of all, gaining weight does not mean anything to me. No offense, but you could gain 0 pounds or 100 pounds or lose 3950 pounds and still be mentally stuck. Healthy weight with a sprinkle of abs does not equal recovery or a degree in dietetics. Gaining weight does not give you the right to be a “nutritional coach”. What in the absolute freaking HECK does that even mean?!?!?! My grandmother or my old fish, Sonya, could call themselves nutritional coaches because it takes NOTHING to be one. SO WHAT? You tell someone to eat veggies and protein for $250 a month? Freaking wow incredible advice you dumb, money hungry bish. (Lol so mad.)

I have said it once, and you bet I will say it again. DO NOT TRUST RANDOM GIRLS ON THE INTERNET WITH YOUR HEALTH. I personally understand and have experienced how listening to some random teenager’s advice on doing blahblahblah and eating blahblahblah can create some reallllllllllllly unhealthy habits that um take um a lot effort to um reverse (as in trying hard now) and blahblahblah.

So all in all, PLEASE… PLEASE do not trust “nutritionists”. Trust people with degrees, trust ACTUAL sources. plz plz plz. It is not worth your health and/or sanity. KKKKKKK BYEEEEEEEEEEE.


also felt the need to show this picture i took one time of an ostrich. I was in WALKING DISTANCE BISHEZZZZZ.

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