What I’ve Learned in College thus Far

I am not perfect. I am not, and I will never claim to be.

I came into college messy, broken, and deeply saddened. I did not come into college like I once thought I would. I did not feel excitement when rushing to join a sorority, so I dropped out of rush. I grew up thinking everyone joined a sorority. I did not feel a sense of community when I met with the first small group I was placed with, so I stopped going to that small group. I have been told for the past two years that I have been a Christian that small groups are where you thrive and truly grow in your faith. I tried so many different clubs and organizations, but none of them made me feel anything great, or anything at all. And this confused me.

It confused me because I grew up telling everyone that college was going to be the best four years of my life. I grew up telling my neighbors I could not wait to leave them all in the dust (sorry neighbors 😉 ). I could not wait to truly be independent. To be alone.

But that is not what The Lord wants for anyone.

The Lord does not concern Himself with you having the perfect college experience. He does not care about you maintaining the same grades you had in high school. He is not worried about you getting into the best sorority and having the perfect big. He is not concerned with you having the best four years of your life. He does not want you to leave behind everything and go on alone. He does not want you to run to all of these different things- Christian oriented or not. He wants you to run to Him.

Jesus Christ came to save the messy. The broken. The confused. The lost. Jesus Christ ate with the sinners. He ate with the Christian that came to college, but even still got a little too crazy just last weekend (me). He ate with her, and He did not leave her because of her mistakes. Jesus does not want you to eat alone. He does not want you to be independent. He wants you to come to Him. He wants you to have a relationship with Him. To trust Him.

Matthew 11:28 literally says “come to me”. Jesus desires a relationship with you. He wants you so badly, whether you are tired, weary, and broken or not. You were not made to be independent. Not at all. You were made for relationships, most importantly a relationship with the Creator.

So, like it says in Hebrews 4:14-16, let us hold fast our confession, the confession that God is not ever disappointed in you because of what Jesus has done, and draw near to the thrown of grace. Draw near to The Lord.

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