Ummm I Thought This Was a Helpful Wellness Center???

I am sitting here at my college’s health center trying my absolute hardest to get into contact with a psychiatrist. I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t you schedule your appointment earlier? I have the answer to that. I was involuntarily held for a freaking week of my life last week, and they (aka the stoooooopid government) took my phone away from me for five days. So I literally couldn’t. That’s why ladies and gents.

I am about to lose my mind (again) because, well, of course, once again no one is taking me seriously. Everyone thinks I’m joking around or something. But I’m not. I’m deadass 100% seriousness about the fact that I need to see a psychiatrist, or I will go insane. Why? Because I’m already there. I’m already crazy. So the choice is ultimately yours, my college. Are you going to keep an innocent young student who simply is trying her best to get by waiting around in the dark when the light switch is right next to you?

Tune in next week, people. I guess we’ll find out together. Just… ugh.

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