Astonishing… I Had a Thought Today

Yup, I had a thought. It was a once in a lifetime thing that happened today. How cool for me.

In brief, I was thinking about how even when I’m with people who have similar interests as my own, I still feel like I’m not fully understood. Or maybe it is that there is more there to delve into, but I’m the only one who really wants to get to the root cause? Or maybe it’s that they already know and don’t want to waste time discussing what they already know? Or maybe it’s that I’m willing to entertain all possibilities and perspectives, and they only like certain ones for whatever reason?

It’s a perplexing situation because I’m literally having to email someone in Australia because no one I know even wants to entertain my ideas… Or even listen to them.

It’s isolating when it feels like there is no one who even gets what you’re talking about… Especially when you’re talking about what they’re all interested in discussing.

If there’s a freaking genie around, my wish in this moment would be to have even one person appear who genuinely cares about what I have to truly say.

Alright! Let’s hope I have another thought again… Fingers crossed for that sitch.

Toodles mofoz!

Love, me ofc!

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