Cardio Workout… and MOREEEEE

If you know me, you know that I was never a blossoming runner. In fact up until about a year ago, I could not even run a mile without stopping. It was pretty shameful if we’re being honest. Cardiovasucular activity IS important for your overall health. There is no way to sugarcoat it. This by NO MEANS is code for you need to be the star of your cross country team. This also does not mean you even need to run. There is NOTHING wrong with running, and it takes a high level of endurance to be able to do things  like marathon running and ironmans. But for your everyday gal on the street who does not have a passion for running, there are other ways to complete cardiovascular activities.

An example of a cardio workout that I find to be enjoyable is tennis. If you have an hour, you can meet with a coach, your friends, family, or even a ball machine if you’re lacking friends (me on the reg), and get a little cardio implemented into your schedule. I prefer playing tennis with a coach because I enjoy the instruction and their ability to get all of my shots back.

Whomever you meet with, you can try this little workout that will be fun and whateverrrr-

1. Jog 4 laps around the court

2. Stretch (you do NOT want an injury up in here)

3. Short-court for 5 minutes

4. Cross court forehands for 15 minutes

5. Cross court backhands for 15 minutes

6. Serves for 10 minutes

7. Point play for 15 minutes

When you finish you can pat yourself on the back and maybe even drink a margirita (if you are of age duh). I don’t know do whatever the heck you want. But be proud of putting your health first and leading an active lifestyle. #swagGGGger #fitamazingtennispro

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