Dankidy Do It- Breakin Habits (and Hearts)

Well, another day another dollar spent on Diet Coke is the saying I believe. Routines can be very addicting. Like heroin level type shiz. It’s almost easier to check things off a list and feel accomplished and pat yourself with a meaningless pat on the back than to “go with the flow bro dude”. 

Disclaimer- please for love of all things containing pumpkin flavoring, do not get rid of all goals you have. That is not what I’m saying. 

I am saying that spontaneity is fleeting and modeling into society is worshipped nowadays. Like not every girl wants to dye her hair blonde and get a spray tan (cough at I do both cough). But it seems like that is the only way to get approval. Is that why i do both? I do not know. It is not the time to analyze my willingness to get others’ acceptance. It is the time to introduce a change in your lifestyle. 

So whether that change be breaking a routine and introducing a new food into your diet or getting the hair color YOU want, you should do it. Why? Because you are dying. Sorry to be harsh but you are. You only have one life and you better not abuse it. 

Live. Try new things. Get out of your ruts. Be an individual. Dye your hair rainbow (gal at my school did and it looked balls to the walls amazing). Do whatever. DO NOT stay in society’s standard lane. Be UUUU people. Work that ish. (please hope this is a note to yourself lol)

Dankest blezzingz to ya,


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