Off me ol chest (yes I’m Irish now)

These days, everyone’s an expert on everything. Everyone knows everything on every subject, and if I know one thing it’s that everyone knows more than me. 

Well, guess what? 

Not everyone is an expert. Hearing a piece of information from a friend who probably knows very little does not qualify you to dish out advice. Sorry people, it’s the truth. 

I think it’s easy to say “it’s been scientifically proven” or “every person in the field does this”. Well just because one person you know does it does NOT mean everyone does it. Just because you add “oh it’s been scientifically proven” to the end of your sentences does NOT mean it has been scientifically proven. Ya, maybe that you are saying inaccurate statements. No, not your advice. 

So guess what?!?! You get to do your own research. Read. Read. Read. Not some crappy article written by a brand telling you oh this brand is going to change your life. It works. PEOPLE THOSE ARE LIES. 


6-8 glasses of water a day came out of someone’s butt. No science backing this claim. In fact, when it was tested, there was no evidence to even support it. Yet EVERRRRYONe needs to be drinking this much or else you’ll die of dehydration. Ya right. People get in the KNOW. 

Soooooo Michelle Obama’s “drink up” campaign just makes her look uninformed now… Good intentions gone awry because of failure to do research. 

If there is one thing to take away from this, it is that do NOT trust people’s opinions even if they add the words “fact”, “true”, and “science” throughout the conversation. Don’t do it. Trust SCIENCE. Trust facts. Trust knowledge. It is in fact power people. 

Swan dives off soapbox

Thank you and goodnight everyone.

Pce & blezzinz always & 5eva,


Cardio Workout… and MOREEEEE

If you know me, you know that I was never a blossoming runner. In fact up until about a year ago, I could not even run a mile without stopping. It was pretty shameful if we’re being honest. Cardiovasucular activity IS important for your overall health. There is no way to sugarcoat it. This by NO MEANS is code for you need to be the star of your cross country team. This also does not mean you even need to run. There is NOTHING wrong with running, and it takes a high level of endurance to be able to do things  like marathon running and ironmans. But for your everyday gal on the street who does not have a passion for running, there are other ways to complete cardiovascular activities.

An example of a cardio workout that I find to be enjoyable is tennis. If you have an hour, you can meet with a coach, your friends, family, or even a ball machine if you’re lacking friends (me on the reg), and get a little cardio implemented into your schedule. I prefer playing tennis with a coach because I enjoy the instruction and their ability to get all of my shots back.

Whomever you meet with, you can try this little workout that will be fun and whateverrrr-

1. Jog 4 laps around the court

2. Stretch (you do NOT want an injury up in here)

3. Short-court for 5 minutes

4. Cross court forehands for 15 minutes

5. Cross court backhands for 15 minutes

6. Serves for 10 minutes

7. Point play for 15 minutes

When you finish you can pat yourself on the back and maybe even drink a margirita (if you are of age duh). I don’t know do whatever the heck you want. But be proud of putting your health first and leading an active lifestyle. #swagGGGger #fitamazingtennispro

Arm Workout YA GALZZ 

So I am sitting in LAX, and I’m thinking what better thing to do than write an arm workout?!? So here it goes-

Arm workouts are necessary. ESPECIALLY if you’re like me and hate training arms… (That probably means that you either already have good arms (not me) or have extremely weak arms that could be mistaken for a freaking pine straw twig (me). 

Because I fall into the second category, I try to build arm strength. Even though it. Sucks. A. Lot. 

A common arm workout that I do is:

  • dumbbell curl 4×10
  • Push-ups 4×10
  • Tricep dips 4×10
  • Decline push-ups 2×20
  • BOXING COMBOS 1093392829x aka until failure

I really do not enjoy working out my arms because it hurts them WAYYY too much for my personal comfort. This is because I have minimal arm strength lol. A reflection of where I am right now is that I am fine with mostly everything. My workouts are hard, but if it’s not hard/doesn’t push you outside of your comfort zone, you’re not going to grow. So by choosing the harder option of pushing myself in the gym, I’m choosing growth- both mentally and physically. 

Here is some photographic proof that I am in fact me, and I am in fact growing these ol muscles.