Dankidy Do It- Breakin Habits (and Hearts)

Well, another day another dollar spent on Diet Coke is the saying I believe. Routines can be very addicting. Like heroin level type shiz. It’s almost easier to check things off a list and feel accomplished and pat yourself with a meaningless pat on the back than to “go with the flow bro dude”. 

Disclaimer- please for love of all things containing pumpkin flavoring, do not get rid of all goals you have. That is not what I’m saying. 

I am saying that spontaneity is fleeting and modeling into society is worshipped nowadays. Like not every girl wants to dye her hair blonde and get a spray tan (cough at I do both cough). But it seems like that is the only way to get approval. Is that why i do both? I do not know. It is not the time to analyze my willingness to get others’ acceptance. It is the time to introduce a change in your lifestyle. 

So whether that change be breaking a routine and introducing a new food into your diet or getting the hair color YOU want, you should do it. Why? Because you are dying. Sorry to be harsh but you are. You only have one life and you better not abuse it. 

Live. Try new things. Get out of your ruts. Be an individual. Dye your hair rainbow (gal at my school did and it looked balls to the walls amazing). Do whatever. DO NOT stay in society’s standard lane. Be UUUU people. Work that ish. (please hope this is a note to yourself lol)

Dankest blezzingz to ya,


TOTALLY Amazing Core Workout

A lot of people have the misconception that you need to do a million and one core exercises to get abs. They think that if they do sit-ups every extra chance during the day they get, their abs will SOMEHOW appear later that same night. Well, all I have to say about that is you thought wrong, so please (PLEASE) do not waste your time doing these random things to try and “get abs”.

I want to start off this post by saying you CANNOT spot-target fat loss. I promise you it does not work that way. You cannot will your way into specifically losing fat from your stomach first. Sorry #imnotevensorry. You CAN exercise your abdominal muscles like you would your leg or even your arm muscles, and if you pair that with other exercises, you will see the best results. If you lower your body fat percentage, it is highly likely (but not guaranteed because every body is different in their compositions) that your abs will be visible.

So yes, my rant is over… ALMOST people. I also do not think it is healthy to be consumed by appearance or wanting abs so badly that you prioritize that want over your family and friends. There are healthy ways to achieve visible abs without going completely off the deep end. Do NOT freaking pull a Miley of the fitness world and change everything for something you cannot even see when you’re wearing clothing… which is 90% of the time (though she will always be my numero uno no matter what… pix to come of that).

A good ab workout that I like to complete on the reg only includes planks. No it is not some glamorous workout where I use all these machines and stuff (which I am not knocking those exercises; they do work). This is just a much simpler workout that you can do anywhere like on vacation, at your house, or even outside (whatever floats your boat)… kind of like Miley during her Hannah Montana days: always with wig… ready with wig for whenever AND whereeverrrrr. So freaking wig out and do this workout!!!

  • Regular plank (2 minutes)
  • Commandos (1 minute)
  • Side-step plank (2 minutes)
  • Right side plank (1 minute)
  • Left side plank (1 minute)

Repeat 4 times for optimal sweatiness!! You will be dying (or at least I always am).

I hope that I cleared a lot of nebulous ideas regarding abs. Please let me know if you enjoyed this workout if you end up trying it out and/or this post. If not, also let me know. I am open to any and all constructive criticism.

Thnks fr th Mmrs,


Arm Workout YA GALZZ 

So I am sitting in LAX, and I’m thinking what better thing to do than write an arm workout?!? So here it goes-

Arm workouts are necessary. ESPECIALLY if you’re like me and hate training arms… (That probably means that you either already have good arms (not me) or have extremely weak arms that could be mistaken for a freaking pine straw twig (me). 

Because I fall into the second category, I try to build arm strength. Even though it. Sucks. A. Lot. 

A common arm workout that I do is:

  • dumbbell curl 4×10
  • Push-ups 4×10
  • Tricep dips 4×10
  • Decline push-ups 2×20
  • BOXING COMBOS 1093392829x aka until failure

I really do not enjoy working out my arms because it hurts them WAYYY too much for my personal comfort. This is because I have minimal arm strength lol. A reflection of where I am right now is that I am fine with mostly everything. My workouts are hard, but if it’s not hard/doesn’t push you outside of your comfort zone, you’re not going to grow. So by choosing the harder option of pushing myself in the gym, I’m choosing growth- both mentally and physically. 

Here is some photographic proof that I am in fact me, and I am in fact growing these ol muscles.